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Depending on the cause, congenital and acquired anhidrosis are distinguished. If sweating is impaired in a limited area of ​​​​the body, a local form is diagnosed, a violation of the work of all sebaceous glands is observed with a generalized form.

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Depending on the duration of the course, the disease is divided into acute and chronic. The risk of developing anhidrosis is increased by provoking factors, including: Age - the older the person, the more difficult it is for the body to provide thermoregulation. Health problems - diseases of Neurontin nervous system, diabetes mellitus and a number of other chronic diseases disrupt the work of the sweat glands, often locally.

Dermatological diseases - skin pathologies are accompanied by irritation, inflammation, peeling, impaired sweating. Genetic changes - malfunctions of the sweat glands can cause mutations in specific genes.

Anhidrosis has practically no external manifestations, but what the skin looks like with this disease can be seen in the photo of gabapentin pills that were taken during an appointment with a dermatologist.

Anhidrosis does not have pronounced signs, but a number of Neurontin symptoms can be distinguished.


  • Reduced sweating or lack of it. Sudden rush of blood to neck, face, head.
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  • Violation of workYou sweat glands can be observed in separate areas, in areas in different parts of the body, in most areas, throughout the body.
  • Areas not affected by the disease will try to compensate for the lack of moisture and release more sweat.

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Generalized anhidrosis affects the entire surface of the body and interferes with cooling, therefore, with great physical activity, it can cause fever, convulsions, exhaustion, and heat stroke. The disease can develop as one of the signs of another dermatological disease or by itself. If you don't sweat during heat and exercise, see a dermatologist. He will make a diagnosis, prescribe an effective treatment for anhidrosis, taking into account the clinical picture and characteristics of the body.

Therefore, it is possible that one part of the body will have too dry skin, another part will sweat too much.

Gabapentin of the autonomic nervous system. The vegetative system regulates most of the processes in our body, including the process of sweating. Chronic diseases. Horner's syndrome (damage to the eye and facial nerves), Farby's disease (metabolic disorder), lung cancer, Sjögren's syndrome (dry mucous membranes of the mouth and eyes), amyloidosis (an excess of protein in the body), degenerative nervous disorders, Parkinson's disease, alcoholism, diabetes, Ross syndrome (disease of peripheral nerves).

Anhidrosis develops when the sweat glands stop working in a certain area or throughout the body. This can happen for several reasons:

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Injuries and burns, blockage of the sebaceous and sweat glands. Medicines. Drugs for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, mental disorders, genitourinary system, gastrointestinal tract. Hypohydric ectodermal dysplasia and other diseases of Neurontin etiology. Dehydration. Intense diarrhea and vomiting, high fever, excessive sweating, frequent urination, alcohol poisoning.

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Quantitative sudomotor axonal reflex test (QSWEAT or QSART). With the help of small electrodes attached to the forearms, shins and feet, they stimulate the work of the sweat glands. After stimulation, the amount of sweat is measured and compared with normal sweating. Sweat imprint on a special material. The silastic test measures the amount of sweat produced by the body after electrical stimulation. Temperature control test.


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Most cases of anhidrosis of the skin in children are hereditary and transmitted from one of the parents. For diagnosis, treatment and prevention, the same methods are used as in adults.

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An experienced dermatologist will make a preliminary diagnosis based on a survey and examination, but a number of laboratory tests will be needed to confirm or dispel suspicions: The body is covered with a powder that changes color when mixed with sweat.

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The patient is placed in a chamber with an elevated temperature, and digital photographs are taken during the procedure. Skin biopsy. For study, cells of the skin or sweat glands are taken from damaged areas of the body.


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In some cases, the cause of anhidrosis remains unknown; in this situation, a standard treatment regimen is chosen. Treatment of anhidrosis of the local form is not required, it most often goes away on its own. In other cases, it is aimed at eliminating the cause of the failure of the sweat glands.

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The main danger of heat cramps is duration and pain. With heat stroke, tachycardia develops, nausea and weakness appear. Heat stroke strikes at temperatures above +35 ° C. Without emergency medical care, the victim develops hallucinations, he can lose consciousness and fall into a coma, in some cases this leads to death.


Skin damage.

Moisturizers are used. Vitamin complexes, intramuscular injections of vitamin B12 are prescribed. Plentiful drinking is recommended. Limit exposure to the sun and hot water.


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In the absence of proper treatment, the likelihood of complications increases. The most common of them are heat cramps, exhaustion, strokes.

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Prevention of anhidrosis of the skin is to follow simple rules, especially in the warm season. To avoid overheating and not getting sick in hot weather:

Drink enough fluids. Avoid physical overload.
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Maintain the optimum temperature in work and living areas.

Choose loose clothing made from natural fabrics. Do not stay in direct sunlight for a long time.

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With anhidrosis that occurs against the background of Gabapentin dermatological and somatic diseases, one hundred percent recovery is expected. If the causes of the disease are not eliminated, the likelihood of the disease becoming chronic with frequent relapses is high.

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The disease has pronounced symptoms that appear at the initial stage of development. Various research methods are used for diagnosis. Treatment is based on the use ofdiagnostic tools.

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At the heart of rehabilitation prescribe means to moisturize the skin and recommend that you follow the necessary preventive measures.

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